Flash Gordon  

Other Images

Miscellaneous Flash related stuff.

Model props from movie modelmaker Martin Bowers.
Read about them and more at


Weird promotional image.  Notice how each character looks strangely wrong.

flashwierd.jpg (38788 bytes)


A Newspaper ad for an advanced preview screening,
with some very nice artwork.

movie_ad1.jpg (267209 bytes)


Ornella Muti (Princess Aura) promotional images.
(These were REQUESTED, ok?) 

aurareclinepromo.jpg (27044 bytes) muti_comicstrip.jpg (157419 bytes)


Costume publicity shots


Mentor Huebner's Production Artworks
(Thanks to Adam Gross)

Clay Sculptures : hueb1.jpg (111466 bytes)Mings Head : hueb2.jpg (19352 bytes)hueb3.jpg (24369 bytes)

Lizardman2 : hueb4.jpg (21055 bytes)


Max von Sydow (Ming)

In Dune with Capt. Picard


Peter Wyngarde (Klytus)
Scarier WITHOUT the mask.


Topol (Dr Zarkov)


Image from the Widescreen Video cover


Timothy Dalton (Prince Barin)



  Flash Gordon